Gippsland Women’s Network promoting fine art and craft by Gippsland women artists

Local artists are often heard expressing their lack of confidence in using either a website or Facebook as a means of promoting and selling their artwork.

 Gippsland Women’s Network (GWN) is considering a project that will deliver training to assist Gippsland women artists in creating and maintaining personal websites and business Facebook sites.  Individual websites will also be supported under an overarching website dedicated to raising awareness of Gippsland women artists’ fine art and craft.  In addition, the project will target promotion and marketing art and small business principles for selling art to increase an artist’s sales.

 As part of the project a network of women artists will be set up.  The network will meet regularly to encourage active communication and networking and the ongoing exchange of ideas and information. To highlight the creative talent in the region a local and a metropolitan exhibition of members’ work be held annually.

 A funding application has already been drafted and GWN is now seeking expressions of interest from local artists.  If you would like to be part of this new venture register your name with Amegilla Gallery on or through our contact page  to receive more information. 

 GWN has been active in the region for many years and has a great reputation for delivering projects that are relevant to individuals and that make a positive contribution to a community.  This project has the potential to offer considerable support to the arts and individual artists in the region.

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